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Anger management


"On a day when things felt dark, a little tiger grew. Not in a cage but in my chest, was this little ball of anger."

A simple story explaining what happens when we get angry and how lonely and confusing this big emotion can feel. With 5 Anger Management Strategies to use at home or in class by Dr. Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D.


When Monkey lost his smile.jpg

Monkey feels very sad after discovering that his special tree is gone and even sadder when he realizes that his bright smile is missing too! Monkey thinks he might NEVER feel happy again. With the advice of his mother and the help of his friends, he sets off to find his smile. Through his search, he learns what makes him feel better. The book includes a detailed tools section to help young children cope with sad feelings.
Story and Tools by Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D.



Billy the rabbit is great at playing video games and soccer but struggles to pay attention and sit still in class. After his teacher suggests he sees a psychologist to get tested, Billy learns he has ADHD.  Through the help of his parents, teachers, and doctors, he learns new ways and tools to help him manage his difficulties. The book includes detailed explanations and a summary section written by Dr. Stephanie Margolese.

Coping with fear

Sam cover.jpg

Sam has a BIG SECRET. He is embarrassed that a brave turtle, like him, is terrified of water.
Whenever he approaches a river, Sam has trouble breathing, his heart pounds quickly, and his body shakes. Sam thinks something terrible is going to happen.  So he hides in his shell to calm down.
Sam realizes he has let FEAR take control of his life. The book includes a detailed section that explains fear and 7 coping tools. Story and Tools by Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D. 

How to stop focusing on our worries

Spot - cover.jpg

A story that shows what happens when we focus too much on our worries. Easy concept with practical steps to help when we get worry spots. Dr. Stephanie Margolese collaborated and wrote the foreword for this fun and beautiful story.
A great reminder book that should be a staple in every bookshelf or library.

e-book version

Spot ipad cover.jpg
For Ipads and Mac

My Brain Team - What to do when emotions run high

Brain team cover.jpg

Liv is a fun and creative 10-year old girl who explains how the brain works through the different imaginary characters in her brain team.  

We learn how the ‘amygdala feelers’ serve to protect us from danger while the ‘prefrontal cortex
thinkers’ help us to calm down, solve problems, and relate to others.

Liv teaches us five mindfulness practices to unify the brain team so that we can open ourselves to different possibilities. Story and an introduction to mindfulness practices by Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D. 

Millie, the Puppet

Milly cover.jpg

When we are true to who we are, we shine. This book was written to help children understand how friendships can be complex and difficult, and how sometimes, friends may not treat each other with the kindness and respect we all deserve. The goal of this book is to inspire, guide, and facilitate change through discussion and inner reflection. When we understand what real friendship entails and what it should not be, then important discussions about manipulation and controlling behaviours can happen.

Making better choices - We Know Better Games  

Better games cover.png

This book was written to help children understand that they can make better choices in regards to their behaviour and attitudes towards their peers. I hope it helps facilitate conversations around inclusion, making friends, bullying, and making better choices in how we interact with others. This book offers additional material to extend the learning possibilities through discussions about choices and responsibilities.

The goal of this book is to inspire, guide, and facilitate change through conversations and inner reflection.

"Just remember that everything you say and do, will always, always, come back to you. Choose the words that you say! Choose the way that you play! Choose carefully the games you wish to play, today."

Help anxious children get ready for school with these wonderful quests!

Maya cover.jpg
Milo cover.jpg

A great way to introduce different anxiety management tools to young children and to get them excited by the new adventure that awaits them. It can also be used as a way to mark the transition and celebrate their sense of independence at this milestone.


Anxiety reduction and management tools for children with selective mutism

Lola words cover.jpg
Leo words cover.jpg

As Lola starts school, something strange happens. Her words disappear! Now Lola must find new ways to give her words the courage to come back
(Same stories in both masculine and feminine versions.)
A series of products created to help kids with anxiety. These books were created especially when it shows itself as selective mutism. This series explores 6 different anxiety reduction and management techniques.
The book was created in collaboration with Dr. Tamara Soles, Psychologist specializing in early childhood.


Sound sensitivity

So loud cover.jpg

Gus loves almost everything about his birthday. But when the sounds become too loud, he feels overwhelmed and needs to remember what silence feels like. This book is a starting point to help children who suffer from sound sensitivity relate and take control of what is happening to them.

Self Worthiness


Each person is unique and gifted in their own way. But one thing common to all of us is that we are all inherently and equally worthy.

Guided relaxation

good dcreams cover.png

This meditative sleep aid helps children relax through creative visualization and guided relaxation. It also helps them feel sheltered in the wonderful soothing affirmation that good dreams are on the way.

Introduction to Virtues

Mason cover.jpg

Mason’s Greatest Gems is a story about finding hidden gems inside yourself, with an introduction to the concept of virtues for children. This book is designed to give children a visual example of what it means to develop positive character traits. Story by Chelsea Lee Smith and Elaheh Bos

Activity book

Mine cover.jpg

Mine Your Inner Gems is a tool for teachers and parents to help children develop positive character traits such as helpfulness, courtesy, truthfulness, and more. This activity book includes a range of introductory activities to explore what it means to mine your inner gems, plus a study of 10 specific virtues.

Coloring book

My virtues cover.jpg

A great way to explain virtues. These coloring books help create moments for discussion and reflection. To stimulate the mind, heart and soul of every child!



We can measure our day by what we do, how we spend our time, and how we put our passions into practice. By adding kindness in our intention and into everything we do, we can share what we love and create a ripple effect in our families and communities. This book is meant as a conversation starter for families to talk about simple and small acts of kindness between friends, siblings, and family members. Included are suggestions for acts of kindness and questions for discussion.

Other activity books on virtues

virtue 3 6 cover.jpg
virtue 7 11 cover.jpg
virtue 12 cover.jpg

Through interactive activities, VIRTUE SEEDS provides an easy and hands-on tool to help incorporate virtues into our everyday activities and habits.
40 Activities to choose from based on 20 different virtues. For more content details, please click on each book.

Grief - Books & Journals

lovebird 1.jpg

Lydia loves birds and sock-skiing through her apartment, but one night a phone call wakes her whole family. Her Aunt Sanaz has died…
While her mom travels to help the grieving family,  
Lydia dedicates herself to helping her neighbour Marie rehabilitate some wild baby birds. A blue and copper bird catches her eye and she names him “Lovebird”. 
When the time comes for Lovebird to be released from his cage into the wild, Lydia explores her feelings of loss and sadness through a conversation with her dad and  
comes to imagine death as its own kind of freedom, a moment when our souls are released from our bodies to fly free. 
This book offers families an opportunity to share   thoughts, experiences and emotions around loss, grief and healing.

humm cover.gif

This book was created to bring comfort to families and children grieving or dealing with loss. By becoming a small keepsake for your heart, it hopes to ease your pain by bringing together memories and visual images of comfort, love and joy.


We also have created a series of journals  - for beginners, teens, adults and many more formats to get you journalling. 

journey cover.jpg
days cover.jpg
All of me cover.jpg
I spy cover.jpg
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