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Mason's Greatest Gems

As he does every Saturday afternoon, Mason is digging next to the old swing when he finds a handful of items for his treasure collection...

Mason’s Greatest Gems is a story about finding hidden gems inside yourself, with an introduction to the concept of virtues for children. The book features a little boy who learns about mining gems after finding a treasure in his backyard. Using his experience of finding and polishing a piece of quartz as a metaphor, he then learns what it means to develop qualities like kindness, helpfulness, courtesy and more.

This book is designed to give children a visual example of what it means to develop positive character traits. It can be used to inspire discussions in your homes and classrooms about using life experiences as opportunities for personal growth.

Mason cover.jpg
  • Softcover; 26 pages

  • Full-colour illustrations

  • Easy introduction to virtues

  • Great for use at home, in communities, at school, or for group projects

  • Suggested age: 5-10

  • Great as a gift!

About Chelsea Lee Smith

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Chelsea Lee Smith came up with the concept for this book and is the main author of Mason's Greatest Gems. She is a blogger and presenter on positive parenting, personal growth and values education.  She believes in the power of using small moments throughout the day to build character and make the world a better place.  Her blog shares activities, inspiration, and resources for families to work towards these goals.

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Free tools for download

Here are some extra resources to help bring these tools into your home or classroom.

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T2 Match the virtue.jpg
T4 My virtues are.jpg
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