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Books by PlantLoveGrow - related to self-esteem

Our bodies go through so many changes as we get older and experience the realities and hardships of life. The habit of appreciating our bodies through it all is something that can be started in childhood and cultivated through all the chapters of our life. This month’s free printable is a two-page, three-step activity to help us think of our bodies as our friends.

- Use to encourage children to think about their bodies and practice gratitude.

- Use during camp, PE, dance class, yoga class or simply as a fun activity do do as a class or family.

- Have fun with this activity and make it your own.


There are many ways of exploring gratitude for our bodies, one of them is by exploring how our bodies move and how dancing can bring us joy and ground us.


This free printable was created to discuss what our body does for us, how it is our friend, and how it feels to move inside it. A fun conversation starter to use as a teacher, parent, or as part of any group activity. Let's get our children dancing!

- Use to encourage children to think about their bodies and practice gratitude.

- Use during camp, PE, dance class, yoga class or simply

as a fun activity do do as a class or family.

- Have children share their unique dance moves and learn

each other's new moves.

- Have fun with this activity and make it your own.


This printable was inspired both by the desire to create and share something that felt like a gift for someone else or for ourselves. 

- Print on paper or cardstock.

- Color and decorate as you wish.

- Use in relations to conversations of kindness, self-love, affirmations...
- Use it to write a nice message to someone else.

- Use it to write an affirmation for yourself and keep it in a place where you can see it.

- Use it as a craft for your children or students.

- Use it as a card to wish someone well.

- Use it in any way or language you wish to use it.


Let’s have those conversations with our children and help them know that they never have to apologize for being themselves!

- Print and discuss together.
- Use in relations to conversations of self-love, boundaries, and self-esteem.
- Use the blank version if you want to create your own or have each participant write their own answers and discuss together. Have each participant draw themselves or a silhouette version of themselves.
- Keep as visual reminders.
- Use at home or school or as part of therapy.


It is never too early to learn that we must nurture and love ourselves first.

- Create these little heart reminders by cutting the shape and gluing the two sides of the heart together.
- Write the different ways that you show yourself love.
- Keep as visual reminders for when you need to show yourself some love.
- Make each answer different and as unique and specific as you wish (for example: I watch one of my favorite episodes, or I remind myself to be patient with myself.
- Use at home or school or as part of therapy.

Self-love and self-acceptance affirmations to balance out our inner critic. Use the suggested affirmations or make your own.

- Use as reminders and have a child repeat an affirmation when their inner critic takes over.
- Post somewhere where these will be seen and become part of  a new daily habit.
- Use as needed.


As much as we are proud of our children, they need to be proud of themselves when they overcome personal challenges, push themselves towards new goals, or show effort. It is that pride and self-love that fills their emotional buckets and pushes them further by reminding them that every step matters.

- Print, cut and hand out in class or at home after a difficult or challenging situation.
- Keep in your office and have the child fill up at the end of each session
- Turn into a little book and give to your child with lovely words of encouragement.
- Use as needed.

It is sometimes hard to look at ourselves with eyes of gratitude rather than judgement. This tool is meant to help with self-esteem by reminding us that when we add gratitude to what we are seeing, we are always beautiful and we always have much to be grateful for.

- Print, fill up and keep next to your real mirror.
- Use in workshops and during group activities to share the importance of looking at ourselves with gratitude and kindness.
- Use as part of therapy.
- Use as needed with your students and children.
- Use as a personal reminder that our children will follow what they see and that we must look at ourselves in the ways we wish for them to look at themselves.

I am cat cube.jpg
I am cat cube blank.jpg

Affirmations allow us to change our own inner voice to something more positive.

- Use at the end of the school year to help with reminding children that they are more than the sum of their academic results.
- Keep as visual reminders.  
- Use the blank cube for a more creative exploration and have fun in coming up with your own affirmations.
- Use to introduce the concept of affirmations.
- Use as a birthday activity.
- Use as needed.

Affirmations allow us to change our own inner voice to something more positive. These visual tools serve as daily reminders that we can choose the messages we tell ourselves.

Change takes time and each step helps create a new practice. Be patient as you incorporate new habits into your lives.

- Discuss together the power of saying positive affirmations and positive thinking.
- Write 3 to 5 simple affirmations to help start and end the day with a positive outlook.
- Keep your affirmations in a place that you can see every day and say the affirmations out loud when you see them.
- Feel free to change or add new affirmations on a regular basis.
- Don't give up if you miss a few days, just keep going.

morning evening affirmations.jpg
morning affirmations.jpg

Add some affirmations to your morning routine. Write your affirmations and keep them in this envelope that serves as a visual reminder.

- Write simple affirmations to help start the day with a positive outlook.
- Decorate the pouch with extra glitter and stickers for a personal touch.
- Keep in a place that will serve as a reminder to say the affirmations daily.
- Add new affirmations on a regular basis.
- Don't give up if you miss a few days, just keep going.

What my body does for me.
What I love about my body.
What's unique about me.
What I can do to help it stay strong and healthy.
Conversation starters to help children when the urge to compare starts. When they see their bodies with new awareness or forget to care for the gift of the physical self. Coming from a place of gratitude and awareness allows for an open dialogue based on respect, ownership and love.

- Do with your child to open a discussion about self-love and self-respect. Each person (adult included) should fill their own paper.
- Do as a class activity and relate it to fitness, health, nutrition or awareness.
- Use as a way of approaching conversations towards a better and healthier lifestyle.
- Use when possible to talk about self-love and the importance of valuing what makes us unique.

what my body does for me.jpg
Books by PlantLoveGrow - related to self-esteem

A few affirmation booklets to keep handy around the house. Some assembly and positive thinking required...

- Add the missing affirmations to remind yourself of what you want to invite and the strengths that you already have.
- Keep as visual reminders.
- Read your affirmation booklet before bedtime or before homework.

My affirmations booklet.jpg
homework affirmations booklet.jpg
Good night affirmations booklet.jpg

Occasionally we forget to fill up our own emotional bucket. We need to remember that we can build our own inner tower of strength by focusing on all the great things we do and all the inner qualities we have.

- When you hear a child go down a spiral of self-pity or self-loathing, print out the sheet and write the activity together. Have them paste it somewhere where they
will see it.
- Print it on a weekly bases for children who need the emotional re-building.
- Use as self-esteem activities in groups.
- Come up with your own way of using this activity.

Self love blocks.jpg
affirmation bookmarks 1.jpg
affirmation bookmarks 2.jpg
affirmation folding cards.jpg

- Have them handy so that they serve as a constant visual reminder or give them as gifts.         
- Make your own affirmation bookmarks.                                
- Include them as conversation starters.


All love starts with self-love.

- Use them instead of coloring pages.
- Have your children give them as gifts and explain what the illustrations mean to them.

things I love about me.jpg
encouragement or love flowers.jpg
love balloons.jpg
love yourself cards.jpg
heart yourself.jpg
affirmation power.jpg

A happy heart is the first step to feeling good.
Use these hearts filled with reminders of how wonderful we are as a starting point for your own craft or visual reminder.

- Print and use them as birthday or gift cards.
- Print the large heart on cardboard and make a mobile out of it or glue it on a folder/poster.
- Use the small cards for secret love notes to yourself.

Words help us connect thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, meaning, events, people and emotions. They help us associate letters to things that are important to us. These word bursts are a great way to help children explore their own strengths through positive words.

word burst.jpg
word burst blank.jpg
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