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I am worthy

Each person is unique and gifted in their own way. But one thing common to all of us is that we are all inherently and equally worthy.

This book is a reminder that simply by existing, you are worthy.

  • A wonderful way to start conversations around worthiness and self-care

  • Great for everyone.

  • A great gift for the holidays or any special occasion.


We have all had moments where we feel less than. Less than ourselves, less than others, less than who we are meant to be. In these moments of insecurities, we find ourselves replaying old tapes from our past or listening to the distorted messages from society that leave us in a constant place of lack and want. We forget our true worthiness. 


I never intended to write this book on worthiness, and the process of this book was one that was not led by my brain but instead mostly by my heart. It was as if the phrases came to me by magic. I would go for a walk on a windy day, and the words "I am worthy of each breath, of the air that flows through my lungs..." would find themselves playing in my head on a loop until I wrote them down. At first, it was as if I was simply witness to the examples of worthiness that life was showing me, reminding me of. I would watch a video and just before the video stopped, mid stream, the speaker's last words were "I am worthy of forgiveness", so I would add those words to my collection, not knowing how to put it all together. It was in a moment of distress when I walked by the river, that the rest came together. I was able to connect to this depth of knowledge, this deep memory reminding me that my inner worthiness was a gift that was always with me, no matter what my material circumstances showed, and no matter what others thought about me.

So the book came together because I wanted my daughters to also have something that could remind them of their worthiness, always.

The feedback from this book has been amazing, and it is so humbling to hear that it has connected to people in such a beautiful way. I have received notes thanking me for writing this book. Messages telling me how friends and family members have cried when they read the book, people reading the book to their book club members because they needed to share it. It is a book that is always bought in multiple copies to be gifted and shared. This reaction has reminded me that we need to be able to say those words to ourselves first before we can live them and in doing so learn to shine as only we can.

So please, say it like you mean it: I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy.

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