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About Plant Love Grow


There was a moment when fear had taken hold of Elaheh’s family. Like an unwanted visitor, it lived amongst them, somewhere between who they were and who they wanted to be. It took its place in their lives as it clipped wings, muted voices, and made the world seem like a terrifying place.


Elaheh knew something about fear. She grew up with a perpetual knot in her stomach, but it wasn't until she saw and understood the fear reflected in her child that she realized for herself the name of this uninterrupted anxiety.

She searched for tools to help her daughter with the ferocity of many mama bears out there. There were few that she could relate to, and even fewer that she could use.

As she could not find what she needed, she created it, working alongside teachers and therapists as she developed stories that could help a child feel understood and guided while being equipped with simple and practical tools.

This personal journey of parental love is what is at the heart of Plant Love Grow. What started as one story meant to help one child has now grown into a small home family business with many stories helping many children.


Our stories are stories of healing and connection. Stories to remind children that their experiences and feelings matter. We create stories of hope, sprinkled with practical strategies and tools that ground us into our bodies and help us with our daily habits.


Plant Love Grow believes that every child is born to bloom. The process of growth is one of change, challenges, and discomfort and yet through those difficult moments we have the potential to grow and shine through our trials. We aim to create stories and support tools that help with the growing and nurturing of young souls and that help us connect our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.  

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