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A Spot of Blue

A simple and wonderful story that shows what happens when we focus too much on our worries. Everything was going great until Owl found a blue spot and couldn't let it go.

Owl's big lesson at the end? Focus on them and they grow. Let them be and they will go. Simple and easy concept with practical steps to help when we get worry spots.

This book was written in collaboration with Dr. Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D. Who also wrote the foreword.

Spot - cover.jpg
  • Full color illustrations.

  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches, soft cover.

  • Great for class or as a family resource book.

  • Simple concepts that can be understood by children 4 and up.

  • Practical tools that can easily be introduced at home, school or as part of therapy.

  • An amazing gift for all children!

Free tools for download

Here are some extra resources to help bring these tools into your home or classroom.

Spot T1 Encouragement cards.jpg
Spot T2Congratulations.jpg
Spot T3 Visual reminder.jpg
Spot T4 build an owl.jpg
Spot T5 My trying card.jpg
Spot T7 booklet 2.jpg
Spot T6 booklet 1.jpg
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