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Journey to the Stars - Gratitude and Vision Journal

Writing a gratitude journal is a great way to appreciate the world around us. Children and teens will learn more about themselves through vision exercises that allow for self-discovery and better awareness.

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Some of what the journal covers:

  • Today I am grateful for... 

  • Why, Why, Why??? 

  • Affirmations

  • Re-writing something that already happened.

  • Get to know yourself.

  • Catch yourself doing something right,

  • 10 Steps to…

  • Happiness is:

  • Things that make me laugh. 

  • Gratitude Box. 

  • View from the top. 

  • A letter to myself. 

  • Goal writing. 

  • Making room. 

  • Dreams. 

  • Making a Vision Board. 

  • A great accomplishment!

  • Share your gifts... and more....

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