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Measure Your Day in Kindness

A simple and wonderful way to talk about kindness at home or at school.

This book is a reminder that kindness is a light we get to share with others and it has to be nurtured.

- A wonderful way to have conversations around kindness, sharing our passions, self care, and the power of small acts.

- Comes with discussion points and suggestions for follow up activities.


We can measure our day by what we do, how we spend our time, and how we put our passions into practice.

By adding kindness in our intention and into everything we do, we can share what we love and create a ripple effect in our families and communities.

This book is meant as a conversation starter for families to talk about simple and small acts of kindness between friends, siblings, and family
members. It is a way to share and celebrate how kindness can grow at home.

Included are suggestions for acts of kindness and questions for discussion.

These free printable pages can be used to reinforce and support the content of the book or to facilitate group readings and activities.

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