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Give the gift of love and encouragement.

- Print on paper or card stock
- Cut and tie rope if you wish.
- Keep in all the books as reminders of love and encouragement.

Encouragement cards for all occasion. Write more encouragement words on the back and give at times when your child has shown effort and perseverance, regardless of the outcome. Use the blank version to customize your words of encouragement or to write in different languages.

- Use at home, school or part of therapy to acknowledge effort.
- Use as a reminder that each step in the right direction matters.
- Use as needed.

everything-ok-image_ SAMPLE.jpg

This simple and fun visual encourages children to look at what they need within themselves.

- Use when you know something is coming up that is stressful or challenging.
- Use as a reminder that we are a lot stronger than we think we are.
- Use to encourage and comfort.


A fun way to encourage our children to help around the house. By deciding what each level includes, we can involve all children to participate at their level and feel proud of their own accomplishments.

- Talk to your children about how we can all help regardless of our age or ability. Come up with what each level entails. For example, Laundry level 1 might mean bringing the dirty clothes in front of the washing machine and pressing the button.
- Encourage everyone to participate.
- Have your children make new badges for other family services.

helping around the house 1.jpg
helping around the house 2.jpg
encouragement notes SAMPLE.jpg
encouragement notes.jpg

A little encouragement goes a long way.

These simple encouragement notes
can be used as bookmarks around the house or at school.

- Cut and tie rope.
- Keep in all the books as reminders of love and encouragement.
- Use on special occasions.

Two letters that everyone should receive when in need of a ray of light. A great way to tap into our inner wisdom and to nurture our inner voice. A tool that can be used with teenagers who are in the process of finding their own paths and shaping their futures.

- Use when it is important to tap into your inner wisdom and to create a space of possibility.
- A wonderful and loving gift to give yourself on your birthday or during times of transition and confusion.
- A great way to develop the habit of listening to your inner and higher self.

letter of love from my future self.jpg
letter of encouragement from my future s
encouragement rabbit SAMPLE.jpg
encouragement rabbit.jpg

This one was made to encourage my little one who is currently facing some challenges when it comes to reading. Her attitude is amazing and this little rabbit serves as a reminder that she can do it and that each effort counts.

- Use in the classroom as encouragement tool for reading or specific projects.
- Make the large one to keep track of the goals as a classroom or as a family.
- Use the blank spaces to write what the encouragement is for.
- Use to keep track of chores or to help with numbers.
- Use as needed.

There is no time like the present to share joy. To remind those we care about that they are loved. To encourage those who need that little reminder that we have faith in them.

- Print a few to fill and hide all over your child's room or in the house.
- Use the 'I believe in you' in the classroom when a student has shown great effort or needs that special individual encouragement.
- Use on special occasions when families and friends get together to remind each other that you are loved.
- Use as thank you notes.
- Use as notes to self when needed.

you are loved SAMPLE.jpg
you are loved.jpg
I believe in you.jpg
stretching hearts.jpg

These stretching hearts were created to help with separation anxiety. They symbolize constant love and the assurance that hearts always come back together.

- Talk together before leaving about how the separation is going to happen and bring your stickers so that the child can add it at the door and feel their efforts being acknowledged.
- Use at school or at home when leaving is difficult.
- Use in daycares and schools with students who find the separation process hard.
- Find your own use for these tools.


Encourage each child by noticing and acknowledging the effort behind every step.

- Use at school or at home.
- Try to acknowledge the action when it is happening so that the child can associate the action with the encouragement.
- Punch a hole or add a sticker every time a step of effort was made.
- Have small rewards when the card is completed (extra time with favorite game, first to pick a new book...)
- Have class challenges where groups can try to spot each others good actions.

card - you were calm and rested well.jpg
card - you made someone happy.jpg
card - you dressed yourself.jpg
card - great eye contact.jpg
card - you helped others.jpg
card - you listened well.jpg
card - you were polite.jpg
card - you respected others.jpg
card - you were responsible.jpg
card - you shared really well.jpg
card - you persevered.jpg
cheering squad super mouse.jpg
cheering squad courageous cat.jpg
cheering squad captain frog.jpg
cheering squad doggy the

These tools were created when my oldest was in kindergarten. They worked out so well that the teacher asked if I could make more so that different students could benefit from them. Each child used them for a different reason

- Set simple achievable and measurable goals.
 - Have the child punch or add a sticker every time the goal is achieved.
- These cards are fueled by positive feedback, excitement and encouragement!


The idea behind them is to generate constant encouragement by acknowledging small steps.
These are good in the habit formation stage where the child needs constant reminder still.
- The punch cards are used to reinforced the efforts by acknowledging  them and making them look forward towards completion of the card.
- The certificate comes at the end and becomes a marker and reminder of success.
- Print them and bring them to the school or use them at home.

We focus a lot on what kids shouldn't be doing, but what about what they are doing well?
How often do we forget to fill up their emotional buckets with encouragement, praise and beautiful words?

- Print on cardboard and keep a few extra copies (already cut) so that you can have them ready to give as soon as you see an action worth celebrating.
- Write a personal note in the back so the child can relate the action to the encouragement.
- Let your child have a few copies that they can give when they see someone doing something great!

I am proud of you - caterpillar.jpg
sleep motivators.jpg
reading motivators.jpg
I saw that.jpg
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