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This month’s printable page is a coloring page with a child enjoying a moment of discovery and creativity as he/she is about to discover if their boat will float. I hope it encourages children to create a boat or floating device of their own and create their own experiences of discovery.


- Talk about the beauty of nature, creativity, and exploration.

- Create a story around what the child is doing.

- Encourage your child to create their own floating device and experiment/or have fun with it.

- Enjoy the moment of coloring together.

I wanted to create a printable that would focus on expressing what our homes mean to us by completing the drawing.


- Give few instructions to allow for personal interpretation

- Give everyone a chance to express themselves as they would like. This could mean creating a magical and imaginary space, a recreation of an actual home situation, or an abstract interpretation of what we wish our home space to be.  

- Use this as a starting point to explore the concept of home.
- Have fun!


These little challenges help children and teens stimulate their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

- Use during vacations and long duration of time spent at home.
- Adapt based on the age of your children.
- Focus on cooperation rather than competition between siblings.
- Add your own suggestions, which could include writing a song, inventing a new instrument, having a poetry jam session...
- Do as a family.
- Use as needed and have fun!

A contribution to the make-belief bank of ideas and free play. Best if printed on yellow card stock. Let children have some creative free play time
with these crowns.

- Cut and build your own crowns. Mix and match the pieces to build different types of crowns.
- Decorate by colouring or adding gems and stickers.
- Make them with your friends and share them.
- Use this as a starting point to start a great adventure.
- Have fun!

animal-creativity-sample image.jpg

A playful exercise in self-awareness and creativity. A way of looking at ourselves through the energy and characters of the animals we love.

Use these bookmarks as reminders that we can look at ourselves in many different ways.

- Use to stimulate conversations
- Use as a fun reminder of our qualities


Encourage imagination to bring these little characters to life.

- Cut and use them to play.
- Make them with your friends and share them so that you will each have one of the puppets.
- Use this as a starting point to make your own finger puppets.
- Have fun!

creative play 1.jpg
creative play 2.jpg

Fun projects to stimulate creativity, outside-the-box thinking or to encourage our kids to express their uniqueness and vision through art. There is no right or wrong way to complete these images. Encourage follow through of ideas, originality and creativity.

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