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This journal is your companion for the year.

It is your accountability practice, where you become accountable to yourself for your journey. The repetitiveness of the daily prompts will be the foundation upon which your day will be built.


This journal was created to help anyone who wishes to incorporate a daily practice of gratitude into their lives. One of the challenges I found in my personal practice was that I would go through journals  extremely fast. This journal is meant to last you all year long and has over 365 pages of repeated prompts.


The daily prompts are daily reminder that happiness, mindfulness, intentional living, and gratitude are choices. Gratitude allows us to find happiness and contentment in the present moment. It pulls our focus from lack to abundance. Affirmations help us air out our wings so that we can fly. These phrases (always positive and written in the present) remind us of our inner strength and bring us back to our true selves. Vision writing allows us to reconnect to our higher purpose and envision how we want our lives to be. To focus on what is important to us. The guided action steps connect our vision to our current reality. This is how we plant the seeds of change!

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