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Good dreams are on the way

Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when we still carry the day's energy with us.

​This meditative sleep aid helps children relax through creative visualization and guided relaxation. It also helps them feel sheltered in the wonderful soothing affirmation that good dreams are on the way.

good dcreams cover.png
  • Full color illustrations.

  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches, soft cover.

  • Great for teaching relaxation and winding down.

  • Simple concepts that can be understood by children 4-8.

  • Practical habits that can easily be introduced at home, school naptime or as part of therapy.

  • An amazing gift for all children!

Free tools for download

These encouragement cards help with encouraging and acknowledging the efforts made by the child.

good dreams encouragement card 2.jpg
good dreams encouragement card 1.jpg
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